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Welcome at DOK Zwartsluis General practice

Is there an emergency?
In a life threatening situation: Call 112

Are you or is anyone else in a life threatening situation? Call 112 right away. The emergency services are available night and day. The operator will tell you what to do until the ambulance arrives.

No life danger, but urgent need of a doctor: Call (038)3867005 and press 1

Urgent means that your symptoms are so severe that the doctor must immediately interrupt the work he or she is doing to help you.

For reliable information about sickness and health go to:     


Would you like to register in our practice?

Fill in the registration form below and mail it to huisarts@dokzwartsluis.nl. We would like to ask you to come to the practice afterwards to verify your identity. Please bring your identity card, passport or foreigner's document for this purpose.  Once your details have been processed, you can make an appointment to see the doctor.

Registration form

Would you like to make an appointment?

Call (038)3867005 to make an appointment.
The practice is open on weekdays between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. We have coffee break from 10.15 to 10.45h and lunch break from 12.30 to 13.30h. At those times we are only available by phone for emergencies.

If the appointment you have made does not work out well or is no longer necessary, you can of course reschedule or cancel it. You can do this by contacting the assistant (please at least 24 hours in advance on working days from Monday to Friday)

Forgot an appointment? This can happen to anyone.  However, if you repeatedly forget an appointment, we are forced to charge the 'no-show' rate.

Medical records

To view your medical records, please register at MGN.

Afterwards you can also download the MedGemak-app for your smartphone.

Test results

If additional tests (such as blood or X-ray tests) have been performed, the results will be available within 2 working days. To obtain the results you can contact our practice after 14:00h, or  you can check your personal medical file at MGN.

Repeat prescriptions

By mail: You can repeat your prescriptions by sending an e-mail to info@apotheekhasselt.nl. Mention in the mail your first and last name, your date of birth and which medication it concerns.
MGN: Repeat prescriptions can also be requested through MGN.
By phone:  (038)4773238 
Uw Apotheek Hasselt

Evening, night and weekend care

Outside practice hours and weekends, you can call on the central GP post "Medrie" in Zwolle in case of emergencies.
The GP post is intended for urgent care that cannot wait until the next working day.
Phonenumber: 0900-3336333.
Dr. van Heesweg 2 in Zwolle (next to Isala emergency unit).

Contact information

Email: huisarts@dokzwartsluis.nl Please use English or Dutch in e-mail correspondence 
Phone number: 038-3867005

Kind regards

Team DOK Zwartsluis